A repository of information to facilitate the work of the Hampton Municipal Budget Committee.


Elected at-large Members
Name Phone Email Term Began Term Ends
Timothy "Citizen" Jones, Chairman 929-7097 citizenjones (at) usadba.com 2016 2019
Brian Lapham 929-1386 hamptonbeachus (at) yahoo.com 2016 2019
Steven LaBanche 929-3605 slabranche (at) yahoo.com 2017 2020
David H. Maurer 603-918-4360 dhmaurer65 (at) gmail.com 2017 2020
Mike Plouffe, Vice Chairman 926-8657 or 926-3793 mtplouffe49 (at) yahoo.com 2018 2021
Brian Warburton 603-918-1757 bwarburton (at) comcast.net 2018 2021
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Enabling Law

The Budget Committee is authorized by and operates under New Hampshire law, primarily RSA 32.

This law states the purpose of the Budget Committee is “to assist its voters in the prudent appropriation of public funds. “

Under this law, in 2018 the Budget Committee advised over $66 million of appropriations. See the 2018 Articles