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Under New Hampshite state law , the Town of Hampton created the Budget Committee "to assist its voters in the prudent appropriation of public funds."


Section 32:1


32:1 Statement of Purpose. – The purpose of this chapter is to clarify the law as it existed under former RSA 32. A town or district may establish a municipal budget committee to assist its voters in the prudent appropriation of public funds. The budget committee, in those municipalities which establish one, is intended to have budgetary authority analogous to that of a legislative appropriations committee. It is the legislature's further purpose to establish uniformity in the manner of appropriating and spending public funds in all municipal subdivisions to which this chapter applies, including those towns, school districts and village districts which do not operate with budget committees, and have not before had much statutory guidance.

Source. 1993, 332:1, eff. Aug. 28, 1993.